Ebola in America: A Planned Contagion?

Is it possible that American citizens are being targeted by those who would like to see a population reduction?

I have no evidence that this is happening, but one should understand that the hatred of humans and the hatred of human production, the production that has caused the “destruction of the environment,” could quite possibly motivate some to covertly insert the Ebola virus into the United States.  In their view, Man is evil, a blight to Mother Earth.

This hatred of humans is a mainstream idea. Quoting Prince Phillip, the husband of the Queen of England: “If I were reincarnated, I would wish to be returned to Earth as a killer virus to lower human population levels.”

No doubt, there are millions of environmentalists who despise their own species, and the lowering of population levels is considered by many to be a very worthy cause. John P. Holdren, Obama’s science advisor and co-author of the book, Ecoscience: Population, Resources, Environment, openly advocates population reduction. Bill Gates, the designer of MS Windows, advocates vaccinations to reduce populations. (I wonder if his plan will work as well as Windows?) If depopulation is good, why not a little Ebola?

If Ebola does get established here in America, another danger is that the virus might escape into the animal population. It has been shown that Ebola can move from pigs to primates. You are a primate. And contrary to what is offered on the TV news, Ebola can be infectious in air.

From The Disease Daily:

When news broke that the Ebola virus had resurfaced in Uganda, investigators in Canada were making headlines of their own with research indicating the deadly virus may spread between species, through the air.

The team, comprised of researchers from the National Centre for Foreign Animal Disease, the University of Manitoba, and the Public Health Agency of Canada, observed transmission of Ebola from pigs to monkeys. They first inoculated a number of piglets with the Zaire strain of the Ebola virus. Ebola-Zaire is the deadliest strain, with mortality rates up to 90 percent. The piglets were then placed in a room with four cynomolgus macaques, a species of monkey commonly used in laboratories. The animals were separated by wire cages to prevent direct contact between the species.

Within a few days, the inoculated piglets showed clinical signs of infection indicative of Ebola infection. In pigs, Ebola generally causes respiratory illness and increased temperature. Nine days after infection, all piglets appeared to have recovered from the disease.

Within eight days of exposure, two of the four monkeys showed signs of Ebola infection. Four days later, the remaining two monkeys were sick too. It is possible that the first two monkeys infected the other two, but transmission between non-human primates has never before been observed in a lab setting.” Read the article.

If Ebola does enter America in force, the wild and domestic pigs, and who knows the number of other animals, including raccoons, deer, coyotes and many more might carry the virus.

Fruit bats in Africa transmit Ebola. There are well over 40 species of bats in the United States. In Austin Texas alone there is a colony of 1.5 Billion bats, in the city limits. The population of bats in the US no doubt outnumbers humans by at least a hundred fold.

It is such a no-brainer to immediately mend the porosity of the border with Mexico and stop all flights from Western Africa, that one must wonder if this dangerous situation might be facilitated by intentional and feigned incompetence.

Moreover, any terrorist who might wish to create social and economic turmoil in America could infect himself with Ebola, cross the border from Mexico and spend a few days walking the malls in Los Angeles or Dallas while smearing his saliva on everything possible. A group of terrorists could easily keep the infection spreading for weeks or months by running a relay. Just prior to the first terrorist’s death, the next terrorist could infect himself. Since they are willing to strap bombs to their bodies in order to blow-up public places, no doubt they would gleefully infect themselves to contaminate a large American city. They could move about on the subways of New York City, Amtrak trains and airports. Their sacrifice would ensure the reward of 70 Ebola free virgins in the afterlife.

For more on environmentalism and the nature of psychopaths who wish to erase your life, order the book, The Biology of Human Freedom.




Ayn Rand’s Fantastic and Delusional Mind

My loosely fabricated notion, one not provable by me, is that Ayn Rand secretly wanted to find a man that met all of her requirements, and that she used her writing to do so.

Her fantasy man would be the ultimate intellectual; tall and slim, handsome with a carved face, rational to the core, and with an animalistic sex drive driven by his off-the-charts IQ. He would be a taller Brad Pitt or Clark Gable, with the intelligence of Albert Einstein or Robert Oppenheimer. Additionally, he would have the work ethic of Andrew Carnegie or Thomas Edison.

Of course, Ayn Rand would never stand for the trivial intelligence of Pitt or Gable, the unkempt ways of Einstein, or the self-questioning nature of Oppenheimer. Her man had to be ideal. This man could never be dependent on anyone else. He would never have a disease that required him to wear a colostomy bag or oxygen mask. He would never have a bad case diarrhea, and he would never develop heart and lung problems due to a lifetime of smoking.

If she wrote The Fountainhead with the secret underlying desire to bring this man forward and into her life, it will probably never be known. However, to me, this motive seems plausible.

The problem is that this “ideal man” is difficult to write about, especially if the writer wants to give the character depth. Translated to the movie screen, the problems multiply because few, if any, men measure up to these requirements. Notice that in the movies featuring Superman, Batman and Spiderman, the heroes are helped along by super human attributes. Batman has a vast fortune that funds a great scientist to invent fantastic gizmos that give him super abilities; Superman has the yellow light from our sun that gives him his super powers while Spiderman gains spider-like abilities from being bitten by a radioactive spider. Without these underpinnings, few would believe the Superman, Batman or Spiderman stories.

Notice how awkward the movie Atlas Shrugged seems. Dagny Taggart comes across like a nice kindergarten teacher, and John Galt looks like a soap actor. His face seems too plump, it isn’t angular enough, it isn’t carved from granite or marble. His voice is too normal for a super hero. I believe that the problem with the movie isn’t the lack of good actors, good writers, or money to capitalize the movie, but rather a problem with attempting to project superhuman characters onto a screen, characters that do not, and most likely never will exist in reality.

Most geniuses never look like a movie star, have a rock solid psychology, or have a voice like a consummate radio announcer. Oftentimes, they look like Einstein, behave like John Nash and speak like Bobby Fischer.

Atlas Shrugged is a movie, not a comic book, and that is its main problem. John Galt as a comic book would be perfect. If John Galt were a comic book, Galt would have the perfect face and body, he would never stumble over a curb, his hair would always be stylized. Even if his hair was messed up by the wind, a fire or an explosion, it would have a purposeful grace and power. He would be smarter than Einstein or Newton. His athletic abilities would be near professional.

What would the background story be? Well, Galt’s father could have been a great scientist. He could have created the perfect human by gene splicing. He could have combined genes from Einstein, Jessie Owens and George Clooney to make John the “ideal man.”

Dagny Taggart would have the perfect figure and wear the perfect clothes. The dialog could be written with plenty of time spent writing each line. Galt could give a brilliant answer to any question because the writers would, of course, have full control of the questions and situations.

When I was 8-10 years old, I read Superman, Batman and many of the other comic books. I was thrilled with every one. Looking back, a John Galt comic would have been a big hit. He could have fought the evils of big government and saved his fabulous babe, Dagny Taggart, in every issue. His blazing mind would crush his opponents.

A spinoff comic could have been The Men of the Mind. This comic would include John Galt, Hank Rearden, Francisco d’Anconia, Ragnar Danneskold, and Hugh Akston. They would be the Super Team that fought for the Individual Rights of Man by crushing the looters and second handlers. Their Fortress of Solitude would have been Galt’s Gulch in the mountains of Colorado. I would have loved this comic series, that is, until I gained more wisdom. Wisdom is time put to knowledge.

Ayn Rand was delusional. Regardless, I love her. She wrote the greatest novels and inspired me and millions of others by offering a vision of freedom that Jefferson, Madison, Mises, and many others failed to do. It’s OK to love someone even if they hold contradictory views. After all, Man is the delusional animal, and Ayn Rand stayed true to her nature.

Some of Rand’s delusions and logical mistakes are:

1. Man is the rational animal

2. Man has Individual Rights

3. The true hero is independent of others

All of these points and much more are covered in the book, The Biology of Human Freedom.

Front Cover




The Biology of Human Freedom

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From the back cover:

“With the doctrine of unalienable Rights failing to halt the expansion of government power over the individual, a new enlightenment is needed that establishes that Man is a free and sovereign being. This self-ownership can be found in Man’s biology. The evidence already exists, it only needs to be expressed.

In this fascinating and engaging book, Thomas delves into the biological basis underpinning the drive for self-preservation found in many species of plants and animals. He shows that, not only do plants and animals defend their own lives, they have a genetically based drive for owning, holding, and defending property.

The evidence shows that humans share the same drives as thousands of other life forms, and that these drives are deeply imbedded in the structure of DNA.

In the quest to be free from war, dictatorship and political pestilence, man has struggled for thousands of years against the intraspecies predators who push him towards calamities that have resulted in the deaths, misery and enslavement of millions.

Employing a radically different style of thinking, Thomas embarks on a critical review of many human misconceptions, including the concepts of natural rights, the collective, duty and the alienation of man from nature. He then goes about proposing a rational alternative to these delusional doctrines.”



Gold’s Ultimate Value

Gold Prevents Bubbles.  Gold’s scarcity is highly functional and serves as a governor on irrational growth.  In an economy based on a fully convertible gold standard, gold makes large credit-driven bubbles impossible.

Conversely, paper money structures make possible large surges of newly created inflationary capital that flow into reckless schemes such as the housing bubble of the last few years, the stock market of the late 1920s, the dotcom bubble, etc. These bubbles build to a state of frenzy and then crash. These cycles are created by the Central Bank/Fractional Reserve/Fiat Money complex that has been completely detethered from from gold and is a feature of all modern governments.

We are now nearing the end of the largest bubble creating credit expansion in world history, and the crash that is currently in the making will be monumental.

Gold Prevents Wasted Lives.

It is unlikely you would loan your hard-earned savings of gold bars to your pot-smoking neighbor so that he could get a degree in social science and then purchase a house three times bigger than he needs or can pay for, and yet, your government took your paper money savings and did just that.  Complexity is purposely built into the architecture of all paper money systems making it difficult for you to understand how they could do such a thing and, more importantly, how you will ultimately pay the price.

Without gold or some stabilizing hard asset, bubbles are blown and entire generations are misdirected by irrational thinking that leads to wasted biological time and energy.

Notice the current bubble in college education. Millions have obtained college degrees in areas that have no relationship to the marketplace. College graduates are working in retail stores as clerks or shelf stockers. Employers may need welders or programmers,  but the misdirection created by the fiat money credit expansion offers them sociologists.

In another example, paper money inflation created the housing bubble and the irrational thinking that misdirected millions into becoming real estate agents, mortgage brokers, landscapers and swimming pool tenders. Millions of other people bought houses they did not need and could not afford. A large percentage of these victims were forced into bankruptcy. These millions of victims, victims of fiat money scams, will never recover their wasted years.

Fiat money credit expansion creates a lemming mentality among the masses.  The masses move in herds toward the latest craze and the credit made available by the fiat money/fractional reserve system makes it all possible. These flights into irrational and delusional financial decisions are a hallmark of central bank exploitation of the public. Those who are savvy to the inflationary schemes are recipients of the inflationary bounty, while the general public is fleeced of their stored productivity.

Gold Prevents Unneeded War.

Governments spend far more on war than the public is willing to pay in direct taxes, so governments resort to hidden taxation via inflation.

To grow these war machines, you are taxed by a slight of hand trick. The Romans used coin clipping, metal debasement and other ploys; modern governments use paper money printing to accomplish the same dilution of savings.

This pilfered productivity is used for the construction of war machines that serve the psychopathic desires of the politicians in charge. The results are usually the same: Mass murder of millions upon millions of innocents. A gold standard blocks inflationary government deficit spending. Governments can borrow but must repay in gold collected from overt tax collection.  With paper as currency, government can print to repay the loans. This printing is where the thievery by covert inflation begins.

Gold Protects Your Biological Energy.  You can put away a gold bar and that gold is yours. It represents your stored biological energy, your work.   Hold paper money for a long period and it can taken by dilution. The government will steal your savings, that is, your stored biological energy, by just printing more paper.  This increased quantity of paper money will travel through the marketplace, drive up prices and make your stored labor less valuable.  Governments steal your biological energy, your stored labor, by paper money inflation.

Gold Enhances Mental Health.   Gold as money creates stability in that prices tend to stabilize and remain tied to gold for long periods. A hundred years ago, one could buy a house for 100 ounces of gold, and today, the same is true. Gold is possibly the most stable commodity in all of human history. This stability has a great mental health benefit in that one’s biological energy and outlook for the future is tied to an objective, unchanging entity in physical reality. Regardless of your mood or current condition, gold is there to stabilize your outlook on life.  Gold is bedrock, and you can count on it staying true when all else fails. In a free society, gold is an unwavering measure of one’s success. This stability creates a calmness and connection to the world.

Gold Develops Peace and Nonviolence. To the extent gold is used as money, peace, economic stability, individual independence and mental health will dominate.

It is no wonder dictators and sociopathic politicians hate gold and strain to propagandize falsehoods and hatred for the most stabilizing of all materials. For them to seize power, they need to destabilize society. To destabilize society, they need to annihilate gold.

How to Create High Unemployment in Five Easy Steps

© Hugh A. Thomas  2013  All Rights Reserved

If you want to cripple the economy and make millions of people dependent on government handouts, if you want more political power so you can grow a socialist government and bring a great country and capitalism to its knees, then you need to destroy jobs by government action.  Afterwards, you can blame the free market and gain even more votes from those who meandered through the government run public school system. Five easy steps:

1. Raise the minimum wage.  Doing so will prompt many employers to find alternatives to their employees who have the lowest value to the company.  For example, if Bob makes $8 per hour sweeping the floors at night and the minimum wage is raised to $9, his boss might buy a new power sweeper that can sweep the floors in two hours rather than eight.  Bob will be replaced by a smarter worker who can operate the sweeper more safely.  The new worker might make $14 per hour but will not need to work nights.  This will save the company $36 per day minus the equipment depreciation.  In time, the new arrangement will be more profitable for the company.  Now, Bob is unemployed.  He can’t easily find anyone that will hire him for the new minimum wage.  He collects unemployment.

2. Weaken the incentive to work.  Bob knows he could get a job at the local sewage plant cleaning the holding tanks.  This job pays the new minimum wage and then some.  The problem is that the job is dirty, hot and smelly.  Cleaning sewage tanks is not the way for Bob.  He avoids that job, after all, the employment benefits have been increased and extended recently. Why scrape turds when the government will pay you to watch game shows on TV?

3. Increase regulation and taxes.  Bob’s former boss, Jim, likes Bob and was sorry that he had to let him go.  However, Jim sees a chance to rehire Bob at the new $9 minimum wage.  He needs someone to work the night shift assembling orders.  Bob could do this job with no problem, and the work does have a value to the company that is equal or better than the new minimum wage.  Jim looks into it and finds there is a new law that was just passed, The Night Shift Safety Act.  In this law every employer must provide a supervisor on site for any employee who is not wearing a GPS Vital Signs Monitor. The fine for non-compliance is $10,000 and up to 2 years in jail. The monitor costs $5500 and must be linked to a service that runs $300 per month.  The monitor must be certified by the government and inspected by the government every six months. Jim drops the idea.

4. Raise the minimum working age.  Raise the working age and combine that with numbers one, two and three and you will have created unemployment for millions of young people.  These kids need the work badly, not only because of the money, but because of the experience.  It is embarrassing to watch a twenty year-old man who can’t stock a shelf or use a shovel but that is exactly what is happening in America. Less teenagers are working, they have less practical skills and they are degrading the American workforce and therefore American competitive energy. Most of these teenagers are experts at video games but know nothing about how to chop firewood or plant seed corn.  Many of them are pathetic idiots. This culture of incompetence creates a generalized laziness in the workforce. This imbedded ethos further increases unemployment, in that businesses depending on a competent workforce will be less competitive in world markets.

5. Increase the age for compulsory education.   Keep them in school and out of the workplace. The longer they stay in school, the more government propaganda they can be taught.  This propaganda includes a large amount of false information concerning how government regulations and the minimum wage will create a better world.

Jim has had to comply with many new regulations and new taxes over the years.  The regulations are over 10,000 pages.  Many of them are contradictory and almost unknowable. He knows he is probably breaking hundreds of laws. Many of these laws carry thousands of dollars in fines or prison time. He has also experienced a decline in the quality of his new workers. He asks himself a question that thousands of others like him have asked: Why not have his product manufactured in China and just import it?  He finds a manufacturer in China, signs a contract with them, and closes his plant for good.

Twenty-five more people are then added to the unemployed rolls. Some of these spend a year or more gaming the system for unemployment benefits.  When the benefits expire, and when they have no further chance of employment, some will resort to crime.  They sell drugs or turn to home invasions.  The crime rate goes up, other businesses in the area are impacted, and the unemployment snowball grows. This is how it’s done.

The NRA’s Failure

© Hugh A. Thomas  2013  All Rights Reserved

Open the National Rifle association’s website and you will see a fancy graphic of the American bald eagle superimposed over the flag.  Other NRA symbolic attempts over the years have been images reminiscent of an old and wise grandfather holding his grandson on his lap.  Behind them on the wall is an oil painting of the American flag waving over the fireplace and a stuffed duck on the mantle.  The grandfather is showing his grandson an expensive side-by-side 12 gauge with a burled walnut stock and fine engravings on the metal work.  All of this is of course rendered in a warm hue and soft focus.

This escape by the NRA into corn-ball symbolism is an obvious signature of intellectual bankruptcy. They have nothing.

The NRA has failed in doing anything of essential importance in regards to educating the public on the real reason the Founding Fathers were concerned about an unarmed citizenry:  the tendency of governments to drift towards dictatorship.

The bottom line is that the Founding Fathers wrote the Second Amendment so that the public could shoot back at the government if it resorts to violence against its own citizens.  There is no other significant reason.  The NRA has wasted valuable time and spent hundreds of millions of dollars corrupting the message that the Founders left for us.  What the NRA has created is a soft-focus ideological tapestry void of any meaning.

The NRA is very similar to the Republican party in that neither can formulate a meaningful, thoughtful and essential argument against intrusive government.

Moreover, the NRA opposed the lawsuit Parker v. District of Columbia.  The NRA wanted to derail the suit or dilute its meaning. This suit was eventually settled in favor of gun owners. Cato

In that case, two judges of the District of Columbia Circuit Court of Appeals divisively spelled-out the essentials of the Founders’ intent:

“To summarize, we conclude that the Second Amendment protects an individual right to keep and bear arms. That right existed prior to the formation of the new government under the Constitution and was premised on the private use of arms for activities such as hunting and self-defense, the latter being understood as resistance to either private lawlessness or the depredations of a tyrannical government…”

See the decision in total:  decision

Your dictionary will show that the word “depredation,” means “plundering attack.”  The same dictionary will show that tyrannical means:  dictatorial, totalitarian, domineering, etc.

The court is saying the public has the right to bear arms so that when the government attacks, one can shoot back.  It is that clear.

You need to understand this simple fact:  The Founders wrote the Second Amendment so that one could shoot back when the government becomes tyrannical.

Question: Why hasn’t the NRA spent some of its millions in scholarly legal work to tease out the same meaning the DC court concluded and present these founding concepts to the public?

Note that 30 years ago most households concerned about self-defense kept a 12 gauge or a revolver at home.  In the last few decades, police forces around the country have been militarized and carry semi-auto rifles and pistols.  In response, the public has, and quite rightly, armed themselves in a similar fashion.  It is an arms race between the government and the people.  If the police would go back to revolvers, many citizens would feel perfectly safe with revolvers.

Another question:  Why has the NRA not used images of disarmed Jews being shot in the back of the head while kneeling on the edge of a death trench full of bodies? Where are the images of the Cambodian killing fields and the thousands of skulls of the disarmed and murdered victims?  Why do they not have video testimony of some of those who survived and witnessed these murders by government?

Why have they not gotten down to the basics of showing the public needs guns to protect their lives against government violence?

After decades of media saturation with an impotent message by the NRA, the public has been intellectually disarmed.

Many in the government want to take away your guns; the NRA already took away your brain.  I suggest you work on reacquiring it.




How You Became a Liberal

©  Hugh A. Thomas   All Rights Reserved

You hold or entertain at least some of the following ideas and traits.  It all started when you were young.

You heard your parents repeating the same things again and again.  “The big corporations are ripping us off.  If it weren’t for the union, we would be slaves.  The young, the old, the Mexicans, the homosexuals and the blacks are being discriminated against.  The government ought to give us healthcare.  Europe has the best system.  The greedy businessmen caused all the problems. We have chemicals in our food, the earth is being destroyed, they are cutting down all the trees…”

Throughout the culture, on the television, in magazines, in the newspapers, at school, everywhere you went America was despised.  “America is a rotten system,”  - you heard it a thousand times.  You absorbed all the propaganda.  You believed them when they said, “chemicals are bad,” but you never realized that your brain chemicals allow you to think in the first place.

You heard a lot about how bad parents are, how they wrecked your life in one way or the other.  They gave you mental problems, mental “hang-ups,” because they are of the old system, like America used to be.  “It all has to be changed,” was the theme running through the culture.

You learned to envy those who have more than you.  Your parents never warned you about this emotion, they just let you run with it.  After all, they envied others as well.  You envied the neighbor next door because he had richer parents.  You envied a classmate in high school because he had better clothes.  You learned to envy at a young age and never gave it a second thought.  In fact, you were pushed to develop an envious personality by those who complained about the rich businessmen who “cared nothing about poor people.”

You slowly developed a resentment against your own country.  You came to believe America was the biggest problem in the world, that America spewed chemicals into the atmosphere and was killing Mother Nature.  You are now a victim of this America and live in a cesspool of self-imposed victimhood.  Your brain chemicals are twisted into a distorted mass of animosity towards the system, the world.

You developed a laziness.  If you visited your uncle’s farm or you grandfather’s store, and the thought of using a shovel, bucking hay, digging a post hole or stocking shelves was repulsive to you.   Mowing your own parent’s lawn was revolting.  You hate physical work in general.  You are lazy.  You live with self pity.

You spent a great deal of your life watching television, surfing the web or playing video games.  In your mind, the importance of high school was equal to going to the mall where you could hang out with your friends.  Your mind became sloth-like.  You listen to mind numbing music hours upon hours everyday.

Your ideas became a soup of confusion.  You hold contradictory views of the world.  You want to be free from self-responsibility, intrusion and violence but you want others to be robbed by the government so that you can get the “free stuff.”

You drifted through high school and go to collage.  Your liberal professors subtly push you in the direction of magical thinking and the avoidance of critical thought.  You most likely major in a fluff subject.  Photography, history, English, social studies, art history, anthropology, social work, counseling.  You get a degree that has nothing to do with the real world of farming, manufacturing, engineering, accounting or science.  What you do get is a college education that deals with getting a job as a teacher in public school so that the propaganda can be perpetuated.  You look for a teaching job but can’t find one.  You go to work in a coffee shop. You resent the coffee shop manager because he only has a high school diploma and worked his way to the top. He is an asshole who constantly worries about making the company money.

You now have huge student loan payments but the real world that produces the things you consume and the products that keep you alive, the free market place, sees zero value in your education.  You are again a victim of the rotten American system.  You have a majestic sense of self-worth because you have a great education, you know the real facts about America.  You believe that your education is top quality.  It ought to be top quality, you have spent 19 of your 28 years being taught by the government.

You now have your magical thinking cap on at all times.  You have a super grandiose sense of self-worth but you are a victim that most people just don’t understand – they can’t see your real value.  You look down on the guy who digs post holes, the guy who dropped out of high school or college.  After all, you have a Master’s degree in Art History from Intergalactic University and you really have the knowledge and sophistication that counts.  In the landscape of an America that perpetuates the ills of the world, your education matters.

You spend a good deal of time thinking about how you appear to others. You worry about your image.  You probably get tattoos or wear the clothes that make you look alternative.  Alternative to what?  Well, the alternative to the real world of production, the world of the free market and self-responsibility. You get a nose ring and think from time to how stupid your uncle the framer is.  You play the part of the victimized, highly educated art historian while you steam the milk in the coffee shop.

Your uncle knows you better than you know yourself.  He sees your sullen attitude and the earphones that never come out of your ears.  He sees your slackness and mental laziness.  He knows you are incompetent to function in the real world.  He sees through your false sense of self.  He knows art history is bullshit.  He knows you have never learned to grow a tomato or dig a potato.  He notices you never asked him how his tractor works.  He knows men like himself and tractors like his feed the world and keep you alive on a daily basis but he knows you don’t give a shit about all of that.   He has a vague feeling that someday you will come to him for food or help.  He stares at your nose ring.

You have evolved.  Just a few years ago you were a lazy kid with liberal ideas.  Now, you are a radical leftist.  You have been a victim so long that it is becoming intolerable.   Your envy is racking your brain.   Everything is unjust.  You are tormented by the system around you.  You want a revolution.  You secretly want blood in the streets.  You want the greedy businessmen to pay with their lives.  You want your slice of the pie, the pie you never produced and the pie you know nothing about.







School Shootings and the Second Amendment

© Hugh A. Thomas  All Rights Reserved

Let us put the recent school shootings in context and in a larger historical perspective.  From 1917 till 1990, Communist dictatorships mass murdered over 120,000,000 people. These murders were not deaths by war, but rather political murders driven by left wing communist ideology.

Mao killed 50-70 million.  His techniques often involved sending the army into villages and slaughtering thousands of people on a daily basis.  Babies, women, children – everyone was suspect.  Children were forced to kill their own parents.  There was forced cannibalism in the villages, where villagers were compelled by the threat of death to eat their neighbors and family members.

There were forced famines.  The Chinese army looted thousands of villages, took the food supplies and left the people to starve. The disarmed farmers fought the Chinese army with rakes and shovels. Millions of peaceful farmers were murdered.

Upwards of 30,000 public executions were held in Beijing alone.  People were shot in the streets and their brains sprayed into the crowds.

Over 50,000,000 were murdered by similar means in communist Russia and the Soviet Union.

On the Nazi side of murder, Hitler came into power promising equality, preaching egalitarianism, and proposing retaliation against the ‘greedy business class,’ many of which were Jews.  His death toll is well over 10,000,000.  These are not the deaths caused by his war, but rather the deaths caused by his political sociopathy.

In all of these dictatorships, guns were taken from the public.

Suppose there were 100 of these school shootings per day, everyday, seven days per week for 100 years.   Assuming 26 deaths per school, this would equate 2600 deaths per day.  After 100 years, 95,000,000 people would be murdered.  This is a massive number and surely a horrific thought.  However, this number is about 35,000,000 less murders than the communist and Nazi governments committed during the twentieth century!

Given that the founding fathers deemed it wise to give the people the means of self-defense against dictatorship, does tampering with the public’s means of defense against a possible brutal dictatorship seem prudent?  Not hardly.  The facts are that these school shootings are just a grain of sand when placed in context to the mountains of mass murders of the unarmed public by pathological governments.

It’s like shooting fish in a barrel

In compulsory education, children are taken prisoner for 7-8 hours per day, fed government designed propaganda, held by law in concentrated groups and stuffed into rooms with only one way out.  Here they can be easily gunned down by any sociopath.

Notice too, that in these public schools, little is taught about the real mass murders in history, that is, murder by leftist governments.   

Possibly the greatest news story in the history of the human race was the horrific murders committed by the twentieth century dictators.  Public schools teach little of this history.  After all, public schools are government schools and to teach that government is capable of such atrocities would counter their propaganda, propaganda that implies:  “A government’s role is to enhance your life.”

The Founders put the second amendment in the Constitution for a good reason.  Notice there is nothing in the Constitution about “the right to a public education.”

If school shootings are a problem, then we should think about ending forced public education.  The free market can protect and educate children far better.