The Biology of Human Freedom

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From the back cover:

“With the doctrine of unalienable Rights failing to halt the expansion of government power over the individual, a new enlightenment is needed that establishes that Man is a free and sovereign being. This self-ownership can be found in Man’s biology. The evidence already exists, it only needs to be expressed.

In this fascinating and engaging book, Thomas delves into the biological basis underpinning the drive for self-preservation found in many species of plants and animals. He shows that, not only do plants and animals defend their own lives, they have a genetically based drive for owning, holding, and defending property.

The evidence shows that humans share the same drives as thousands of other life forms, and that these drives are deeply imbedded in the structure of DNA.

In the quest to be free from war, dictatorship and political pestilence, man has struggled for thousands of years against the intraspecies predators who push him towards calamities that have resulted in the deaths, misery and enslavement of millions.

Employing a radically different style of thinking, Thomas embarks on a critical review of many human misconceptions, including the concepts of natural rights, the collective, duty and the alienation of man from nature. He then goes about proposing a rational alternative to these delusional doctrines.”