Psychopaths in Government

Governments are created and manned by psychopaths, as government makes an ideal outlet for their perversions.”  Hugh A. Thomas,  The Biology of Human Freedom

Psychopaths, also known as sociopaths, make-up about one percent of the population. You may have one as a neighbor or even a spouse. They are everywhere; in business, in politics, in religion.

Dr. Robert Hare has spent decades in the study of psychopaths and refers to them as “intraspecies predators.” In the documentary film Fishhead, speaking of psychopaths, he states, “is a person without a conscience, has a stunning lack of empathy, an ability to look at people as mere objects, extremely egotistical, self-centered, lacking remorse for what they have done – they are manipulating and are deceiving people for their own ends.”

You most likely have dealt with a few of them. They are easy to spot once you understand their motives and actions. They will smile. They will look good. Much of their time in childhood is spent in practicing their moves. They are flattering. They will tell you that you are great. They will want to manage you in some way and will go about this management covertly. Oftentimes, you will wind up being managed even though you think you have been helped.

They spend a great deal of time in grooming themselves and their image. Narcissism usually runs deep in the psychopath’s veins. Charles Manson doesn’t seem to care about his appearance, however, underneath the shaggy hair and beard is a well groomed persona. On the other hand, Ted Bundy looked like an ivy league attorney. Remember John Edward’s $1250 haircuts?


Some psychopaths may never engage in criminal or destructive behavior. They may live a life of near normalcy and their psychopathic side may lie nearly dormant. This type might be a car salesman, a high school principle or a movie star.

Psychopaths don’t share the same level of psychopathy, nor do they share the same level of intelligence. A few are extremely intelligent, a few of these are extremely psychopathic, and a few of these are misanthropes. A misanthrope is a person who resents human nature, they hate humans.

Since only about 1% of people are psychopaths, and since only about 1% of those are extremely intelligent, and since a small percentage of those remaining are misanthropes, we are left with a few people in every generation who are:

1  Without a conscience

2  Have a stunning lack of empathy

3 Have an ability to look at people as mere objects

4  Extremely egotistical

5  Self-centered

6  Lacking remorse for what they have done

7  Manipulate and deceive people for their own ends

8  Haters of their own species

9  Extremely intelligent

You can safely bet that the majority of politicians are psychopaths. The reason for this observation is that politicians only tell the truth when it suits their goals. This is a direct manipulation of the people and of course, millions fall for their ruses. For example, a politician might say, “America needs more jobs.” This is certainly true. However, this same politician will never tell the fundamental underlying truth, such as, “I am going to destroy the coal mining industry which will devastate an entire area of the country and use tax dollars to create more government jobs which in turn will create more government dependency.”


Politicians who are extreme psychopaths and misanthropes, and who are extremely adept at manipulation, oftentimes create situations like this:






How do we know if


will turn out like this?


or this?


Well, we’ll find out if he gets all the power he wants.

For more on the nature of psychopaths who wish to erase your nature, order the book, The Biology of Human Freedom.