How You Became a Liberal

©  Hugh A. Thomas   All Rights Reserved

You hold or entertain at least some of the following ideas and traits.  It all started when you were young.

You heard your parents repeating the same things again and again.  “The big corporations are ripping us off.  If it weren’t for the union, we would be slaves.  The young, the old, the Mexicans, the homosexuals and the blacks are being discriminated against.  The government ought to give us healthcare.  Europe has the best system.  The greedy businessmen caused all the problems. We have chemicals in our food, the earth is being destroyed, they are cutting down all the trees…”

Throughout the culture, on the television, in magazines, in the newspapers, at school, everywhere you went America was despised.  “America is a rotten system,”  – you heard it a thousand times.  You absorbed all the propaganda.  You believed them when they said, “chemicals are bad,” but you never realized that your brain chemicals allow you to think in the first place.

You heard a lot about how bad parents are, how they wrecked your life in one way or the other.  They gave you mental problems, mental “hang-ups,” because they are of the old system, like America used to be.  “It all has to be changed,” was the theme running through the culture.

You learned to envy those who have more than you.  Your parents never warned you about this emotion, they just let you run with it.  After all, they envied others as well.  You envied the neighbor next door because he had richer parents.  You envied a classmate in high school because he had better clothes.  You learned to envy at a young age and never gave it a second thought.  In fact, you were pushed to develop an envious personality by those who complained about the rich businessmen who “cared nothing about poor people.”

You slowly developed a resentment against your own country.  You came to believe America was the biggest problem in the world, that America spewed chemicals into the atmosphere and was killing Mother Nature.  You are now a victim of this America and live in a cesspool of self-imposed victimhood.  Your brain chemicals are twisted into a distorted mass of animosity towards the system, the world.

You developed a laziness.  If you visited your uncle’s farm or you grandfather’s store, and the thought of using a shovel, bucking hay, digging a post hole or stocking shelves was repulsive to you.   Mowing your own parent’s lawn was revolting.  You hate physical work in general.  You are lazy.  You live with self pity.

You spent a great deal of your life watching television, surfing the web or playing video games.  In your mind, the importance of high school was equal to going to the mall where you could hang out with your friends.  Your mind became sloth-like.  You listen to mind numbing music hours upon hours everyday.

Your ideas became a soup of confusion.  You hold contradictory views of the world.  You want to be free from self-responsibility, intrusion and violence but you want others to be robbed by the government so that you can get the “free stuff.”

You drifted through high school and go to collage.  Your liberal professors subtly push you in the direction of magical thinking and the avoidance of critical thought.  You most likely major in a fluff subject.  Photography, history, English, social studies, art history, anthropology, social work, counseling.  You get a degree that has nothing to do with the real world of farming, manufacturing, engineering, accounting or science.  What you do get is a college education that deals with getting a job as a teacher in public school so that the propaganda can be perpetuated.  You look for a teaching job but can’t find one.  You go to work in a coffee shop. You resent the coffee shop manager because he only has a high school diploma and worked his way to the top. He is an asshole who constantly worries about making the company money.

You now have huge student loan payments but the real world that produces the things you consume and the products that keep you alive, the free market place, sees zero value in your education.  You are again a victim of the rotten American system.  You have a majestic sense of self-worth because you have a great education, you know the real facts about America.  You believe that your education is top quality.  It ought to be top quality, you have spent 19 of your 28 years being taught by the government.

You now have your magical thinking cap on at all times.  You have a super grandiose sense of self-worth but you are a victim that most people just don’t understand – they can’t see your real value.  You look down on the guy who digs post holes, the guy who dropped out of high school or college.  After all, you have a Master’s degree in Art History from Intergalactic University and you really have the knowledge and sophistication that counts.  In the landscape of an America that perpetuates the ills of the world, your education matters.

You spend a good deal of time thinking about how you appear to others. You worry about your image.  You probably get tattoos or wear the clothes that make you look alternative.  Alternative to what?  Well, the alternative to the real world of production, the world of the free market and self-responsibility. You get a nose ring and think from time to how stupid your uncle the framer is.  You play the part of the victimized, highly educated art historian while you steam the milk in the coffee shop.

Your uncle knows you better than you know yourself.  He sees your sullen attitude and the earphones that never come out of your ears.  He sees your slackness and mental laziness.  He knows you are incompetent to function in the real world.  He sees through your false sense of self.  He knows art history is bullshit.  He knows you have never learned to grow a tomato or dig a potato.  He notices you never asked him how his tractor works.  He knows men like himself and tractors like his feed the world and keep you alive on a daily basis but he knows you don’t give a shit about all of that.   He has a vague feeling that someday you will come to him for food or help.  He stares at your nose ring.

You have evolved.  Just a few years ago you were a lazy kid with liberal ideas.  Now, you are a radical leftist.  You have been a victim so long that it is becoming intolerable.   Your envy is racking your brain.   Everything is unjust.  You are tormented by the system around you.  You want a revolution.  You secretly want blood in the streets.  You want the greedy businessmen to pay with their lives.  You want your slice of the pie, the pie you never produced and the pie you know nothing about.







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