The NRA’s Failure

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Open the National Rifle association’s website and you will see a fancy graphic of the American bald eagle superimposed over the flag.  Other NRA symbolic attempts over the years have been images reminiscent of an old and wise grandfather holding his grandson on his lap.  Behind them on the wall is an oil painting of the American flag waving over the fireplace and a stuffed duck on the mantle.  The grandfather is showing his grandson an expensive side-by-side 12 gauge with a burled walnut stock and fine engravings on the metal work.  All of this is of course rendered in a warm hue and soft focus.

This escape by the NRA into corn-ball symbolism is an obvious signature of intellectual bankruptcy. They have nothing.

The NRA has failed in doing anything of essential importance in regards to educating the public on the real reason the Founding Fathers were concerned about an unarmed citizenry:  the tendency of governments to drift towards dictatorship.

The bottom line is that the Founding Fathers wrote the Second Amendment so that the public could shoot back at the government if it resorts to violence against its own citizens.  There is no other significant reason.  The NRA has wasted valuable time and spent hundreds of millions of dollars corrupting the message that the Founders left for us.  What the NRA has created is a soft-focus ideological tapestry void of any meaning.

The NRA is very similar to the Republican party in that neither can formulate a meaningful, thoughtful and essential argument against intrusive government.

Moreover, the NRA opposed the lawsuit Parker v. District of Columbia.  The NRA wanted to derail the suit or dilute its meaning. This suit was eventually settled in favor of gun owners. Cato

In that case, two judges of the District of Columbia Circuit Court of Appeals divisively spelled-out the essentials of the Founders’ intent:

“To summarize, we conclude that the Second Amendment protects an individual right to keep and bear arms. That right existed prior to the formation of the new government under the Constitution and was premised on the private use of arms for activities such as hunting and self-defense, the latter being understood as resistance to either private lawlessness or the depredations of a tyrannical government…”

See the decision in total:  decision

Your dictionary will show that the word “depredation,” means “plundering attack.”  The same dictionary will show that tyrannical means:  dictatorial, totalitarian, domineering, etc.

The court is saying the public has the right to bear arms so that when the government attacks, one can shoot back.  It is that clear.

You need to understand this simple fact:  The Founders wrote the Second Amendment so that one could shoot back when the government becomes tyrannical.

Question: Why hasn’t the NRA spent some of its millions in scholarly legal work to tease out the same meaning the DC court concluded and present these founding concepts to the public?

Note that 30 years ago most households concerned about self-defense kept a 12 gauge or a revolver at home.  In the last few decades, police forces around the country have been militarized and carry semi-auto rifles and pistols.  In response, the public has, and quite rightly, armed themselves in a similar fashion.  It is an arms race between the government and the people.  If the police would go back to revolvers, many citizens would feel perfectly safe with revolvers.

Another question:  Why has the NRA not used images of disarmed Jews being shot in the back of the head while kneeling on the edge of a death trench full of bodies? Where are the images of the Cambodian killing fields and the thousands of skulls of the disarmed and murdered victims?  Why do they not have video testimony of some of those who survived and witnessed these murders by government?

Why have they not gotten down to the basics of showing the public needs guns to protect their lives against government violence?

After decades of media saturation with an impotent message by the NRA, the public has been intellectually disarmed.

Many in the government want to take away your guns; the NRA already took away your brain.  I suggest you work on reacquiring it.




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