Why The Left Loathes Christianity

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The main concern of all true Leftists is the creation of an ideal moral structure wherein an all-powerful government will be the guiding force that molds people’s lives in order to create a perfect society.

The Christian’s main concern is to accept the teachings of Jesus Christ and therefore assure a pass into heaven. The Christian’s secondary concern is to save others from the dregs of hell by disseminating the ideas of Christianity. With Christianity, the individual comes first, and this is a self-centered concern for one’s own soul. The self is the first priority, as one cannot practice and promote Christianity without a prior acceptance of the doctrine. A Christian who understands the doctrine will conclude, “I need to get my life and soul in order before I can go about helping others.”

With Christianity, the individual and his soul are fundamental. With the Left, the individual is only a small gear in the machine that is the State.

Christianity is a self-first doctrine, whereas socialism is a collective doctrine which demands the suppression of the self. In Christianity, Man is a Sovereign Being who will one day answer to God. With Collectivism, the State is the ant hill and the individual an ant who must do as the State wishes.

In Christianity, a Christian must live his life according to the teachings of Christ. Upon his death, he will then be judged as an individual by God. The Individual is the one that counts. In Christianity, the individual has a free will and judgment will be passed as to weather one used this free will to choose Christ, be charitable towards others, refrain from theft, adultery, etc.

With the Left, as in all forms of statism, the individual is a very small part of the statist machine and must be directed by the government in order to achieve a just society. Morality comes from the government.

If you are a Leftist Christian, you are living a contradiction in that you support the subjugation of the individual’s free will to the government. For example, you believe charity is a good thing, as your Bible tells you. However, you support the government’s stripping of wealth from the average and rich person to support the poor. Be advised, with your vote to rob one and give to another, you are limiting the average person’s ability and free will to give to the poor.

For another example, suppose the following: You believe charity is a good thing, so you vote for a politician that promises to take from the rich and divide the money.

With this action, you are doing several things that contradict the underlying sprit and intent of Christianity. First, you are not engaging in charity yourself, but relying on the strong arm of government to do it for you. Second, you, along with your favorite politician who is being supported by your vote, are engaging in a political conspiracy to use the threat of violence in order to extort money from some people to give to others.

Understand that taxation can only work if the government has a violent threat behind tax law, mainly, the threat of imprisonment.

By your conspiratorial actions and support for a government that threatens imprisonment for those who will not abide by your twisted moral vision, you are stripping away the free will of all those involved. In effect, with your vote and support, you are conspiring with the State to use the power and force of government to do your Christian work for you, and at the same time denying others their free will.

As a Christian you ought to understand this simple fact: God wants you to be charitable, he does not want you to force others to be charitable. After all, God gives you and all men free will, shouldn’t you respect his wishes for others by leaving them free to exercise their free will?

You can’t be a Christian and Leftist at the same time. The underlying spirit of Christianity is Individualism. The underlying spirit of Socialism is the Collective. These are black and white issues that are diametrically opposed. The intelligentsia of the Left understands this inherent problem, and hence their antagonism towards Christianity.

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