Hillary Clinton’s Emails

Imagine that your local bank manager kept all of the bank’s deposits, cash, (including your life’s savings) and all financial records at his house rather than in the bank vault. Further assume that he could dispose of these records or pocket the cash without any paper or electronic trail.

Imagine that the janitor at your doctor’s office kept all of your medical records in the trunk of his car and there were no copies kept anywhere else. Imagine that your local military base commander kept the secret nuclear missile firing codes at his vacation home.

Now, multiply these crazy scenarios by 300 million, the number of American lives at risk, and you will get a sense of how serious Hillary Rodham Clinton’s actions are.

Here is a woman that was trusted with top secret, highly classified information, and she chose to transmit this information around the world in an unsecured manner, and she chose to do so without having any governmental security, and without maintaining any chain of evidence.

These actions speak of gross incompetence, or corruption on the highest levels. The larger question is this: Was Hillary Rodham Clinton knowingly or unknowingly passing state secrets to enemies of the United States? 

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