FEMA Camps, Walmart Prisons and Other Stories

From time to time I see things on the Internet about Walmart stores being turned into prisons for political dissenters and prison camps that have been (supposedly) built by FEMA to house political enemies of the government.

I believe all of these things are most likely false.

The reasons behind my thinking are as follows.

I don’t think the government would go to the trouble to imprison so-called “patriots.” Why would they? After all, the vast majority of these patriots have no ideas that have any pervasive power. They do have flags to wave, they do have sayings, such as, “The government is taking over everything,” but their intellectual depth is so shallow that it can rightly be called meaningless. They are a zero threat to any government that wants total control. Now, it could be that a few of these patriots might fire a few pot shots here and there, but it is the power of ideas that moves the political world, and these patriots, and the rest of the conservatives in the United States, have no intellectual ammo, they have no substantial ideas to offset the growing power of government.

Others shout about a grand scheme of the Rothschilds and Rockefellers to take over the world, etc. All of these rants come with little verifiable evidence.

To sum up, the conservatives and the patriots are intellectually broke, ideologically bankrupt, their pockets are empty, they have nothing that constitutes a menace to governments that seek total power over human life.

The patriots and conservatives offer slogans and shallow ideas. On the other hand, the statists offer their “solutions” to climate change, health care, racism, global hunger, housing, and much more. That these solutions are smoke and mirrors makes no difference. They are winning the war of ideas.

The only medium that presents a rational intellectual opposition to growing government is my book, The Biology of Human Freedom.

In this book you will discover original ideas that devastate the long-standing arguments that have supported statism for centuries.

With these ideas, you will become a powerhouse of understanding. Your new knowledge will be based on core ideas, ideas that are not slogans, but rather ideas that are fundamental to human existence. Get real, order your copy now.

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