School Shootings and the Second Amendment

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Let us put the recent school shootings in context and in a larger historical perspective.

From 1917 till 1990, Communist dictatorships mass murdered over 120,000,000 people. These murders were not deaths by war, but rather political murders driven by left wing communist ideology.

Mao killed 50-70 million.  His techniques often involved sending the army into villages and slaughtering thousands of people on a daily basis.  Babies, women, children – everyone was suspect.  Children were forced to kill their own parents.  There was forced cannibalism in the villages, where villagers were compelled by the threat of death to eat their neighbors and family members.

There were forced famines.  The Chinese army looted thousands of villages, took the food supplies and left the people to starve. The disarmed farmers fought the Chinese army with rakes and shovels. Millions of peaceful farmers were murdered.

Upwards of 30,000 public executions were held in Beijing alone.  People were shot in the streets and their brains sprayed into the crowds.

Over 50,000,000 were murdered by similar means in communist Russia and the Soviet Union.

On the Nazi side of murder, Hitler came into power promising equality, preaching egalitarianism, and proposing retaliation against the ‘greedy business class,’ many of which were Jews.  His death toll is well over 10,000,000.  These are not the deaths caused by his war, but rather the deaths caused by his political sociopathy.

In all of these dictatorships, guns were taken from the public.

Now, let us place the recent school shooting in context. Suppose there were 100 of these school shootings per day, everyday, seven days per week for 100 years.   Assuming 26 deaths per school, this would equate 2600 deaths per day.  After 100 years, 95,000,000 people would be murdered.  This is a massive number and surely a horrific thought.  However, this number is about thirty five million less murders than the communist and Nazi governments committed during the twentieth century!

Given that the founding fathers deemed it wise to give the people the means of self-defense against dictatorship, does tampering with the public’s means of defense against a possible brutal dictatorship seem prudent?  Not hardly.  The facts are that these school shootings are just a grain of sand when placed in context to the mountains of mass murders of the unarmed public by pathological governments.

It’s like shooting fish in a barrel

In compulsory education, children are taken prisoner for 7-8 hours per day, fed government designed propaganda, held by law in concentrated groups and stuffed into rooms with only one way out.  Here they can be easily gunned down by any sociopath.

Notice too, that in these public schools, little is taught about the real mass murders in history, that is, murder by leftist governments.   

Possibly the greatest news story in the history of the human race was the horrific murders committed by the twentieth century dictators.  Public schools teach little of this history.  After all, public schools are government schools and to teach that government is capable of such atrocities would counter their propaganda, propaganda that implies:  “A government’s role is to enhance your life.”

The Founders put the second amendment in the Constitution for a good reason.  Notice there is nothing in the Constitution about “the right to a public education.”

If school shootings are a problem, then we should think about ending forced public education.  The free market can protect and educate children far better.







3 thoughts on “School Shootings and the Second Amendment

  1. Hugh, I’m glad you pointed these facts out to your readers. Of course, I’m sorry about and sad for the parents and loved ones of the folks in CT, but guns are not the blame! And, yes, we have a steady, planned force trying to take away our freedoms! I’ll even give you the education point the way the system is run today, especially.

  2. One of the problems in the debate over the 2cnd amendment, and this is a problem with the defenders of gun rights, is that the benefits of an armed society are not put forth. If I said that cars should be banned before guns because they kill more people, someone would rightly point out that the benefits outweigh these deaths. The benefits of an armed society should not be left out of the discussion – the dictatorships that have NOT happened here, the invasions (Japan for one) that have NOT been inflicted on our lands, the protected lives and property of those who have had to defend themselves, etc.

    And another thing – stop defending the 2cnd amendment with the hunting/sporting use argument. This is NOT what the founders “frame of mind” was in including the 2cnd. It was to prevent government over-reach. They were brave enough to put it on paper, so we should at least be brave enough to verbalize it when defending both their legacy and our own future.

    Steven in Dallas

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